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Dance of Stars and Ashes

Updated: Mar 29

by Nisha J. Tuli

A love that burns brighter than starlight. A gift that could leave her world in ashes. It’s time for Zarya to release the fire within.

I imagine the entire world knows by now, but I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Nisha does. This story is no exception.

Dance of Stars and Ashes is the sequel to Heart of Night and Fire (review here), continuing to follow Zarya and the Chiranjivi as they fight to contain the darkness before it destroys all of Daragaab.

Loosely based on Indian mythology, this book is a roller coaster of stress and emotion.

Rabin is a major player in this story (sometimes referred to as "Rabin's groveling book"). He's amazing. Dragon shifter with bossy, commanding energy and a desire to win our girl's heart through... pleasure.

This book has a lot of character growth for Zarya, which she needed. In the first book, she was very angry and naive, understandably, but in this book, she's coming into her power, embracing who she is, and learning more about her parentage and family history.

It doesn't end on a violent cliffhanger, but things are definitely still building. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Thank you, Nisha, for honoring me with an ARC of this magical, spicy, tear-jerking story.

Dance of Stars and Ashes is available for purchase now.

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