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Vengeance or love?

Which can thaw a frozen heart?

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Reclaiming the Frost

An Enchanted Tale


Roska spent his childhood in the abusive, manipulative grasp of the Brotherhood of the Healing Light. Nearly twenty cycles later, he's made it his mission to tear down everything those muxing bastards have built. With the help of his familiar, a frost dragon named Demoni, and his siblings–not to mention his sister's beloved, King Niko–he's nearly completed his self-imposed mission of eradicating their monstrous influence. Along the way, he has been learning to accept and control the frost magic in his veins. It almost makes up for the all-consuming loneliness he feels when he sees the love between his sister and the King.

His search for Brigit, the girl he’d fallen for some cycles ago, yielded nothing. Roska accepted that they simply weren't meant to be. Miguel, one of the bakers from the castle's kitchens, has been taking up more and more of Roska's mental and physical space. Perhaps he can find love after all.

But when Roska learns that Brigit didn’t vanish by choice but was taken by the Brotherhood–and held captive for solar cycles–Roska is forced into violent action to save her.

Can he save the girl, keep the boy, and reclaim his magic? Or will he finally be consumed by frost?

Content warning: the story contains flashback scenes of child abuse, sexual assault, and torture. May not be suitable for all readers.

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