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A world filled with magic, mystery, and prophecy.

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Storm and Flame

Enchanted I


Elena has always been a disappointment. Her magic is practically non-existent and now, on her sixteenth birthday, she is expelled from magic school by the strict headmistress–also known as her mother. Cast out into the world of the magically inept with only her familiar for company, Elena feels lost and alone until she meets a strange boy in the woods.

Quinn is a thief, a hunter, and a hothead. His unexpected friendship with Elena awakens a fiery side of him that he didn’t know he had, quite literally, and uncovers new and surprising magical abilities. Except men aren’t supposed to be capable of magic. 


With Quinn’s help, Elena carves a safe new life as a barmaid, but when she is attacked, her powers awaken with shocking ferocity. Elena’s explosion of magic creates a power surge that attracts the attention of magical investigators, sent to uncover and contain the source of the power surge. 


But the awakening of their powers kickstarts an ancient prophecy. Will they be able to escape those that hunt them? Can they fulfill the prophecy, destroy the turmio and save magic from being destroyed once and for all?

Content warning: the story mentions incidents of child abuse, sexual assault, and birth trauma. May not be suitable for some readers.


What reviewers are saying:

This book was amazing...I thought this would be just another YA book with the same tropes, but instead I got a book with a unique take. The characters were witty and had moments of lightheartedness. I did not see the twist at the end coming and I am still surprised by it. I am dying for book two after the cliff hanger this book ended on.

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