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All things must come to an end.

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Enchanted III

Reign and Ruin


Reign and Ruin is the final book in the Storm and Flame trilogy and takes place immediately following the events of Blood and Destiny 


She's gone.


Fulfilling a prophecy has never felt so heart-wrenchingly devastating. Aiden has a plan to bring her home, but it relies on Beatrice and Belladonna’s willingness to work with the demi-god. Quinn isn’t optimistic, but Roska allows hope to take hold.


With the royal soldiers bearing down on Harbor Ridge, threatening the lives of all who inhabit the school, the boys are in a race against time.  


Can they bring Elena home and stop the Queen before she starts a war that could change their world forever?

REIGN AND RUIN is the sequel to Blood and Destiny and the conclusion of the Storm and Flame trilogy.


What reviewers are saying:

This is a great series. It gave me feelings reminiscent of the magic of reading Harry Potter as a teen, but I loved these characters SO much more. I especially loved their animal companions.

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