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Of Poison and Passion

A Vexia Novella


Former assassin turned small-town baker, Leah was living a peaceful life with her best friend, Tameer, when she got an offer she couldn’t refuse. She’d never killed a king before, but the money was enough to set them up for life, and the king was a violent monster. Really, by killing him, she’d be doing the world a favor. One last job. What could go wrong?

Ash, captain of the King’s Guard, has plenty of secrets and his own reasons for wanting the king dead, but he sure as hells isn’t going to let some half-fae assassin steal his revenge. If anyone is going to kill the king, it will be him. But first, he has to stop the murderess from fulfilling her contract and ruining his only chance at redemption. 

Of Poison and Passion is a New Adult Fantasy Romance. There are some flashback scenes of sexual abuse, violence against children, mild blood and gore, and hints at spousal abuse. If any of these things might upset or trigger you, please don’t read this book. Not all books are for all readers. I don’t want anyone to be hurt by my words.

What reviewers are saying:

I truly enjoyed reading this adult cozy romantasy! Wanless sweeps you away into a fantasy world with not only “poison and passion,” but also Fae, thieves, best friends, and happily ever afters!

~Kerrie Faye,author of Dead Girl

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