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Heart of Night and Fire

by Nisha J Tuli

A city of magic. A passion born in dreams. A secret that will set their world aflame.

I love everything Nisha writes and this is no exception. This story was unique in that it is the first fantasy I've ever read [loosely] based on Indian culture. The mythical creatures were strange and so different! The magic system is beautifully crafted. And the romance. Y'all, Nisha is a pro at creating sexy tension without being overly spicy. Although, this might be the most tame story I've read from her.

Needless to say, I'm in love, yet again. And I desperately need more Rabin in my life.

Zarya grew up a prisoner in a house by the water. She was being held "for her own good" by a man who seemed to want to be a father figure, but also clearly had no idea what he was doing and didn't seem all that interested in trying. Then there's Aarav. I wanted to punch him in the face numerous times, but he grew on me. Eventually. I was almost hoping for a little threesome action between Zarya, Yasen and Vikram, but I'm grateful that didn't happen. It would have just complicated things for me with Rabin. Because that man needs more screen time. The heat there is real.

Heart of Night and Fire is currently on preorder, publishing on Sept 15. I expect it will be on KU when it comes out, like all of her other amazing stories. Check it out here.

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