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Feral is the Beast

Updated: Mar 29

by Nisha J Tuli

The Feral King thinks he'll break me. But I will break him first.

I never thought I'd like a self-proclaimed "feral" man, but damn. I've never wanted to be a 400 year old with before either. This book is my new life goal.

This is a twisted take on Beauty and the Beast and it's fantastic. It's a fun, quick novella with just the right about or sweet to balance the spice.

Y'all know I love everything Nisha writes, and this is no exception.

Now, someone hook me up with a magical tattooing witch, please and thank you.

I was honored to receive an ARC of this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Check the trigger warnings, there is a bit of kinky violence in this one. Buy it here.

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