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Rule of The Aurora King

Updated: Mar 29

by Nisha J Tuli

This is the second book in Nisha's Artefacts of Ouranos series. Read my review of book one, Trial of the Sun Queen, here.

My two favorite lines from this book:

"I am my own fucking castle."

"No one expects you to be strong all the time."

Taken entirely out of context, these words still strike a chord with me. Lor's compulsion to be the strongest, never let anyone see how scared or worried she it felt so *real* and relatable for me.

She's been through all the levels of hell and survived. She's fighting to save her queendom. She is a damn hero, and I LOVE her.

I wish she'd let Nadir love her too, but I get it. She's got [entirely justified] trust issues.

I really enjoyed getting to see things from his perspective, too! Getting inside his head and understanding his motives was perfect!

You can buy a copy here, or read it on KU.

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