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Fortune of Emerald and Salt

Updated: Mar 29

by Monroe A. Wildrose

This is another book that I started reading because Becca (@thenightstandbook) recommended it. I'm starting to see a trend with books she talks about: They will make me bawl like a small child who dropped a brand new ice cream cone on the beach without ever having taken a lick.

This book is phenomenal. The banter is fantastic and oftentimes hilarious. The characters are so real and relatable. There are some typos (I feel like this book could benefit from a proofreader) but other than that, it was pure piratey perfection.

Honestly, the sibling dynamics alone should make you wanna dive into this story. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

"George, plans for you incite worry, and we need not worry until we need to worry."

"I mean no offense by this George, you know," he started. "That preface generally means what you are about to say will offend me greatly."

"Elias," I begged. "Please, I am becoming uncomfortable." "I know. I am rather enjoying it."

Truthfully, I just need Elias in my life. He's an ass, but in the most wonderful way.

You can read it on KU or purchase a copy here.

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