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A Ripple of Power and Promise

Updated: Mar 29

by Jordan A. Day

"Freedom. Choice. That’s all Ainsley yearned for in life. But when she learns her parents betrothed her to Prince Dashiell, she knows those are two things she will never attain."

What the actual fuck.

That ending was... well, it was everything, and now I'm diving right into book 2, A Shade of Darkness and Deception.


I started reading this because one of my bookstagram friends was raving about it. You should check out Becca, she has a bookish clothing shop and she's just a wonderful human.

But take her book recs at your own risk. This one left me reeling for days. I ended up messaging Jordan and "yelling" at her for being so unreasonable as to put such a devastating twist at the end of the book like that.

Also, this is meant to be a 4 book series, so if you get into it, be prepared. It's gonna be a long, bumpy ride.

You can read it on KU or purchase a copy here.

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